Cruise ban spares B.C. coast up to 31 billion litres of wastewater Coastal waters of British Columbia will be spared up to 31 billion litres of wastewater being dumped by cruise ships this year with the recent extension of a 2020 federal government ban on cruises. A report by environmental organizations and West Coast Environmental Law says Canada’s weak cruise ship pollution regulations result in an estimated 31 billion litres of ocean pollution annually on the West Coast. Over one million passengers sailed on some 30 large cruise ships through the waters off British Columbia on their way to and from Alaska in 2019. Regulations are far stricter in Washington State and Alaska, which incentivizes the cruise industry to dump its wastes in Canada, said Michael Bissonnette of West Coast Environmental Law. The ban on cruise ships with more than 100 passengers due to the COVID-19 pandemic would be an ideal opportunity for Canada to harmonize regulations with these US states, Bissonnette told The Weather Network. “Otherwise the BC coast will continue to be the cruise industry’s dumping grounds,” he says. cruise ship credit: Yü Lan. Adobe Stock. Credit: Yü Lan. Adobe Stock. Cruise ships are floating hotels […]


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