Plastic credits are poised to generate the momentum necessary to launch a circular plastic economy and give brands the opportunity to act. In order for brands to take action, they will need to follow these four priorities … The world’s plastic crisis is only growing worse: Plastic production continues to expand and single-use plastic has skyrocketed, thanks to COVID — and frankly, waste management cannot keep up. To make matters more challenging, there is no silver bullet to the plastic crisis. Our society requires plastic to function, but its consumption and disposal need to change drastically. As trillions of microplastics circulate our oceans and plastics choke our environment, accelerating system change is essential and imminently required. Aggravating the issue is the complexity of tackling the severe environmental and human costs. Currently, the ethical disposal and management of waste are starkly underfunded. In the next 20 years, we need $600 billion to bridge the evident funding gap in our system and turn this crisis around. However, there is a silver lining: If we enable systemic solutions now, we may still turn the clock in our favour. The question to ask is, what is being done? Our society needs to empower […]


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