Dvele is a manufacturer of prefabricated homes headquartered in Southern California. Building homes in a factory instead of onsite results in higher quality residences that meet all the latest building codes and offer efficient living space that uses a minimum of energy. This week, the company announced that from this point forward, every home it manufacturers will produce its own electricity using solar panels and have a built-in battery storage system, eliminating the need to connect to the electrical grid at all if a customer chooses not to. Image credit: Dvele With the number of grid interruptions due to the risk of forest fires increasing, many customers are interested in off-grid living. California is the first state to require all new homes to have rooftop solar systems. Adding residential battery storage will help make Dvele homes more competitive in a crowded market. Dvele has developed a new building envelope with a thermal barrier that ensures any heating or cooling produced in the house stays in the house, according to Curbed . The company claims its homes need 84% less energy per square foot to operate than a conventional stick built home, which means running totally on solar power is […]


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