It’s hard to think of a more mundane task than laundry but it has a big impact on the environment. We found the most efficient laundry washer/dryer combinations so you can pick the best choice for the planet and your needs. The average American family does laundry eight to 10 times per week. Not counting sorting and folding time, it takes about an hour and a half per load. That’s a lot of time running appliances that can use a lot of energy and water. When it comes time to replace your washer and dryer, you want the most efficient ones. But making your laundry room as efficient as possible is harder than you would think because the most efficient washers are not the ones that match the most efficient dryers. Do you really have to buy mismatched machines to maximize efficiency? Washer and Dryer Efficiency Energy Star rates washers and dryers for efficiency. Because they use both electricity and water, washers are the more complicated of the two to rate. The performance metric for washers’ energy use is called the Integrated Modified Energy Factor. The higher the IMEF, the more energy-efficient the washer is. The metric for water […]


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