When we talk about the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) – something we do a lot these days – electric motorbikes don’t get much of a mention. That’s because they’ve been relatively scarce on our roads, with only 1,082 electric mopeds and 537 electric motorbikes registered in the UK coming into 2020 – a stark comparison to the 164,100 pure-electric vehicles recorded on UK roads in September 2020 . Looking to the new year, however, the first seeds of industry growth that were sprinkled through 2019 and 2020 are starting to blossom, and 2021 looks to be promising period for electric motorbikes as whole. But what are the positive things that are going on right now? Growing numbers In simple terms, the number of electric bikes currently on UK road is nothing short of piddly, especially when considered in relation to their EV counterparts. Statistically speaking, though, the patterns are incredibly promising. According to the MCIA, new electric bike registrations in 2020 amounted to 2,459 . Not an impressive figure in itself, but a 51.2% increase on 2019 registrations and, more tellingly, a positive shift compared to combustion model registrations, which dropped by 2.6%. That tells a story, albeit […]


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