Sustainability is a greater concern than ever for homeowners throughout the United States. According to recent polls, 68% of homeowners want a property that is environmentally friendly. There are a lot of ways that you can lower the carbon footprint of your home. One of the most important steps is to design your home to be more energy efficient. However, you should also find ways to improve the efficiency of specific energy sinks in your home, such as your air conditioner. Energy Efficient Air Conditioning is Incredibly Important Air conditioning creates 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. It also accounts for 6% of all electricity usage. If you want to protect the planet, then you should make it a priority to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning. Of course, the greenest option would be to not run an air conditioner at all, but you aren’t exactly making sustainability a priority in the middle of summer. Life in the hot summer days is never great without an air conditioner. The air conditioning is going to help with keeping cool and maintain healthy temperature inside your home. But what becomes painful is the electricity bill which takes […]


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