A decade or so ago, I came across an article in the local paper about a retired school teacher who owned some land a couple hours east of my city of Portland, Oregon, and spent his golden years planting trees. He had planted 10,000 trees up to that point, aiming to reforest a semi-dry area of land east of the Cascade mountains, where ponderosa pines flourished before the arrival of Europeans and had been mostly clearcut to create pasture. Something about the article resonated and stuck with me to this day. It was powerful to see an individual intentionally rewilding an area, giving it back to nature and pulling carbon out of the atmosphere at the same time. Still from a documentary made about the retired school teacher called 10,000 trees. Image courtesy of 10,000 trees. Flash forward 10 years. The climate problem that, back then, was low on many of our priority lists, is now a blaring air raid siren, as every year we set records for heat and billion-dollar natural disasters. Sitting on our hands and waiting for the cavalry, while these massive problems rage unchecked, seems like a poor choice, so my family has searched for […]


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