Freshly brewed, a new report on the future of sustainable coffee offers grounds for optimism. Released by the Sustainable Coffee Challenge — a Conservation International-led coalition of 160 partners — the report finds that a growing number of companies, non-governmental organizations and research institutions are dedicated to improving sustainability in the coffee industry. The report shows that Challenge partners made 38 new commitments to sustainability last year — that represents nearly 40 percent of the total 106 public commitments, which address some of the most urgent issues facing the coffee sector. Made by major coffee companies such as Dunkin’ and Starbucks, these commitments are aimed at tackling climate change, restoring forests and improving supply chains to protect nature. “It’s no secret that encouraging marketwide change takes time and consistency,” said Raina Lang, senior director of sustainable coffee markets at Conservation International. “The Sustainable Coffee Challenge continues to strive toward the goal of making coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product.” In addition to climate threats — which could shrink suitable coffee-growing areas by half within three decades — the coffee industry has also suffered from increased market volatility in recent years, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is […]


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