Electric vehicles don’t seem to be a priority for legacy OEMs that have some presence in Africa. This could be due to several reasons that include Africa’s low motorization rates and the fact that the majority of vehicles brought into Africa are used vehicles from Asia and Europe. What these legacy automakers fail to see though, is that this low motorization actually presents an opportunity for another leapfrog event similar to what we have seen before with the telecommunications and fintech industries. Once the underserved and unbanked population were introduced to the world of mobile phones and subsequently mobile money, they quickly jumped in. They simply bypassed the fixed line era and brick & mortar banking when superior technology and services became available before the traditional telecoms and banking services had reached them. Having waited years for fixed telephone networks and traditional banking services to reach them, there was simply no reason to wait any longer once cell phones and associated value added services arrived. Africa’s low motorization levels present a similar opportunity. BrightCloud Knight electric SUV A lot of African governments are inviting firms to establish motor vehicle assembly operations, starting with imported knocked down kits, and gradually […]


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