Scoby Packaging is a food wrapper developed using a byproduct of kombucha. Snapshot from video Plastic has long been a wrapper’s delight. It’s cheap. It keeps food fresh. And it’s so wonderfully transparent you can check on the status of that store-bought sandwich — what no pickle?! — without breaking the seal. But our planet is literally choking on those cheap and easy wrappers. For many of us, they’re the husks we cast aside, crumpled and worthless, when we’re getting to the good stuff inside. The world — from the oceans to the highest mountain tops to the bellies of birds — is left holding the bill. And yet somehow oil companies have decided the world needs more plastic, planning to double plastic production this year. This terminally plasticized world needs a hero more than ever. Could that hero be slime? That’s what Polish designer Roza Janusz is banking on with Scoby Packaging, the slick food wrapper she developed using a byproduct of kombucha. In case you missed the hype, kombucha is a fizzy fermented beverage that packs all kinds of not-quite-substantiated benefits, from fortifying our gut flora to boosting our immune system. It’s also a fairly easy concoction […]


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