Dar-Lon Chang, who was an engineer for ExxonMobil for more than 15 years, left his career in the fossil fuel industry in Houston and moved to the Geos Neighborhood, a geosolar development in Arvada, Colorado, with his wife and daughter. "I just wanted to go all the way and be a part of a community where my daughter could live fossil fuel-free and net-zero," he said. "So she could see it was possible." Credit: Michael Kodas/Inside Climate News For 16 years, Dar-Lon Chang worked as an engineer at ExxonMobil. Fresh out of graduate school, he was by all accounts exactly the type of person the company is known for hiring: smart, driven, diligent. From his base at Exxon’s sprawling campus outside Houston, Chang helped the company maximize production at far-flung oil and gas projects, from Guyana to Qatar to America’s fracking fields. He’d had an interest in alternative energy since his college days, and thought science and technology would blaze a path towards a future without fossil fuels. Exxon, he believed, could help lead the way. When he could, Chang tried to nudge the company along in small ways, holding out the hope that change would come. We deliver […]


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