Bird fatalities associated with wind farms has long been a focus area of “concern trolls” who primarily don’t want to see the industry grow. That’s not to say it’s not an issue at all. Very early on in the wind industry, bird deaths were indeed a significant issue, but it didn’t take long for redesigned wind turbines to greatly reduce that problem. These days, many more bird deaths come from birds flying into windows or buildings and from house cats than from wind turbines. But, again, that doesn’t mean it’s not an issue at all, especially in areas with protected species like eagles. Luckily, innovation in the industry continues in order to try to improve on the situation. A new approach developed by IdentiFlight , scientifically studied and written about in Journal of Applied Ecology , has resulted in an 82% reduction in bird (eagle) fatalities. And the approach has improved since that study was initiated. “A year later, system continues to learn and improve.” The new independent study, “ Automated curtailment of wind turbines reduces eagle fatalities ,” was conducted in Wyoming “by The Peregrine Fund, in cooperation with Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc. and the US Geological Survey.” […]


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