South Australia – maligned by conservatives over the world-leading share of wind and solar in its grid – now boasts the cheapest wholesale electricity prices in the country, even as it reaches “world first” levels of 100 per cent solar power. The Australian Energy Market Operator, in its latest Quarterly Energy Dynamics report, confirms that South Autralia – as – served all of its electricity demand for more than an hour shortly after mid-day on October 11 through rooftop and utility scale solar. AEMO says this is a world-first in a grid of this size, and occurred in a December quarter when South Australia posted the lowest wholesale electricity prices in the country – thanks to the growing share of wind and solar and the increase in rooftop solar PV which is reducing grid demand. “South Australia’s quarterly average price fell 57 per cent to $29/MWh, representing its lowest average since Q2 2012,” AEMO says, adding that these continued price reductions “were largely a function of its lowest quarterly average demand on record, and increased wind and solar output in Victoria and South Australia (328 MW on average).” This is important recognition for a state unfairly maligned by conservatives, […]


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