Panachaiko mountain in West Greece is home to Greece’s largest wind park with 40 wind turbines. Alexandros Maragos / Getty Images 2020 was a hard year for most of us, but it did bring one positive milestone for the planet. In 2020, renewable energy generated more electricity in Europe than fossil fuels for the first time, making them the bloc’s leading power source. That’s the takeaway from a report published Jan. 25 by German think tank Agora Energiewende and British think tank Ember . And it’s the beginning of a growing trend, the report authors said. “It is significant that Europe has reached this landmark moment at the start of a decade of global climate action,” Ember senior electricity analyst and lead report author Dave Jones said in a press release . “Rapid growth in wind and solar has forced coal into decline but this is just the beginning. Europe is relying on wind and solar to ensure not only coal is phased out by 2030, but also to phase out gas generation, replace closing nuclear power plants, and to meet rising electricity demand from electric cars, heat pumps and electrolysers.” This is the fifth year in a row […]


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