The biggest ever opinion poll on climate change has found two-thirds of people think it is a “global emergency”. The survey shows people across the world support climate action and gives politicians a clear mandate to take the major action needed, according to the UN organisation that carried out the poll. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) questioned 1.2 million people in 50 countries, many of them young. While younger people showed the greatest concern, with 69% of those aged 14-18 saying there is a climate emergency, 58% of those over 60 agreed, suggesting there is not a huge generational divide. Even when climate action required significant changes in their own country, majorities still backed the measures. In nations where fossil fuels are a major source of emissions, people strongly supported renewable energy, including the US (65% in favour), Australia (76%) and Russia (51%). Two-thirds of people around the world said climate change is a global emergency Percentage of respondents agreeing that there is a climate emergency 50-59% 60-69% 70-79% 80-89% 81% UK and Italy Highest proportion 65% US 68% Morocco 58% Argentina 65% Russia 79% Japan 50% Moldova Lowest proportion 59% India 72% Australia 76% South Africa Percentage of […]


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