Lahti Pelicans, a Finnish ice hockey club, is championing for a carbon-free world. In celebration of Lahti’s crowning as the 2021 European Green Capital, the Pelicans set a goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral hockey club in the world. In an effort to showcase the city’s efforts in environmental protection, the club has replaced its jersey numbers with environmental facts about the city. Some of the jersey numbers include Jasper Patrikainen’s 70% to signify emission reduction since the 1990s; Ryan Lasch’s 2019 to call attention to Lahti’s coal-free status since 2019; and Niclas Almari’s 2025 to share Lahti’s target of going climate-neutral by 2025. The new jerseys, with numbers ranging from 8% to 650GWH, debuted on January 16. “Lahti Pelicans wants to be a pioneer both in the rink and outside of it,” Casimir Jürgens, Lahti Pelicans defenseman, said. “We believe that action against climate change plays a decisive role in the future existence of our planet.” Besides spreading awareness about the environmental achievements of the city, the club has been taking measures of its own to cut carbon emissions. In collaboration with the Lappeenranta–Lahti University of Technology (LUT), the team has found some ways to reduce emissions. For […]


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