Thinking of abanding your internal combustion engine for an EV? There are more electric vehicles on the market than ever before. After almost a decade during which Tesla made almost all the EV options, you have many body styles and features to choose from. Advances in battery technology are also boosting vehicle range, and an increasingly robust charging infrastructure makes electric cars more appealing than ever. Tesla sets itself apart from other manufacturers with a robust Supercharger network . Sales are on the rise with a jump anticipated as early adopters give way to mainstream auto buyers. Experts predict that global EV sales may grow 50% or more in 2021 . Many reputable auto manufacturers are introducing electric models, giving shoppers more choices than ever. Which Electric Vehicles Are Greenest? When shopping for an EV, how can you determine which are the greenest choices among the leading cars on the market? New criteria are emerging as more models become available (see below for a full explanation). Electric vehicles typically produce more greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process than gasoline-powered cars due to the batteries and the energy intensity of the manufacturing process, but the emissions reductions after driving […]


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