A snowy owl in Rome, Italy on Nov. 15, 2020. Massimo Insabato / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images A snowy owl was spotted in New York City’s Central Park Wednesday morning for the first time in 130 years, The New York Times reported . The unusual spotting prompted a tweet from the birder account Manhattan Bird Alert , "A SNOWY OWL, a mega-rarity for Central Park," it read, The New York Times reported. Sending crowds of birders and onlookers out to the park’s North Meadow fields, the tweet drew criticism from commenters for attracting unwanted attention to the owl. Once in a lifetime appearance of the Snowy Owl in NYC Central Park, North Meadow yesterday (1/27/21). A video clip of the owl being harassed by the very loud crows and not moving an inch. #birdcp #SnowyOwl pic.twitter.com/OPaVGMQva9 — Vee Nabong (@VenusNabs) January 29, 2021 Snowy owls, found in the high Arctic tundra, are known to venture south during the winter, often looking for prey, according to the Audubon Society . Although the owls are abundant in North America, generally avoiding the threat of human disturbance, they are at risk for climate change. If the planet continues to warm, their […]


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