The UK will spend at least £3bn of international climate finance on nature and biodiversity over five years, the Prime Minister has said. Boris Johnson made the announcement in a virtual address to the One Planet Summit for biodiversity in Paris. The PM said the investment was needed to protect nature, including marine life, forests and sustainable food production. Prince Charles has also spoken at the event. In his address, Mr Johnson said humanity is destroying species and habitats at "an absolutely unconscionable rate". He said the £3bn, which forms part of the UK’s £11.6bn contribution to a climate finance initiative, would go to "protecting nature, whether it’s marine life or timber conservation or sustainable food production". Programmes supported by the funding will include marine conservation, tackling deforestation and efforts to conserve habitats such as mangroves that protect local communities from the impacts of climate change. The PM added: "Obviously it’s right to focus on climate change, obviously it’s right to cut CO2 emissions but we won’t achieve a real balance with our planet, unless we protect nature as well." And he spoke of the pandemic, saying it "was the product of an imbalance in man’s relationship with natural […]


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