"Affording a property right to animals has both dignity and practical benefits." — Karen Bradshaw, Wildlife as Property Owners (p. 132) Pixabay, Pexels free download I recently read a fascinating book by Arizona State University distinguished legal scholar Karen Bradshaw called Wildlife as Property Owners that is an extremely timely addition to books and essays that focus on the lives and rights of nonhuman animals (animals) and the complicated and often vexing relationships they have with us. 1,2 My learning curve was vertical as she wove in information from numerous disciplines including different aspects of legal scholarship, ethology and cognitive ethology (the study of animal minds), and the social sciences in an easy-to-read fashion. I’ve long been interested in all the topics about which Karen writes, perhaps more so now as numerous animals try to return to their rightful homes during the current pandemic. As they become new neighbors, I look forward to the time when they’re granted the right to own their homes, rather than merely renting them from us on our arms and whims. When they are viewed as owners rather than as transients, this will be a gamechanger for fostering coexistence in which they and we […]


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