Shutterstock Adapted from the premiere issue of GreenFin Weekly, a free e-newsletter focusing on trends in ESG and sustainable finance. Subscribe using this sign-up page . What a moment to launch a newsletter on ESG and sustainable finance. The topic has become front and center in sustainability and finance circles and, suddenly, in Washington, D.C. A vast ecosystem is in play. Investors have awakened to the notion that how companies manage environmental and social issues is nearly as key to their risk profile and profitability as are financial fundamentals. Banks and insurers are factoring climate risk and social issues into their products and portfolios, accelerating a shift that’s been gearing up for years. Companies are warming to a world of deeper transparency and disclosure demands by investors, lenders, customers and others, and are trying to keep up with the dynamic world of standards and frameworks with which they’re being asked to comply. Oh, and it’s the dawn of a new U.S. presidential administration that sees virtue in assertive action on a range of social and environmental issues. We’re entering a new era, one in which companies are less able to hide behind their pronouncements and good intentions. We’re entering […]


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