On film, water recycling might look like something complicated that involves a lot of machinery and effort. But in a new documentary on Netflix, you can learn more about Hydraloop. This is a simple water recycling system that can be used in any building or home, anytime. The innovation was presented at both CES 2020 and CES 2021, and it won several awards at last year’s show . Hydraloop is featured in “Brave Blue World,” a documentary that takes an unfiltered look at water and climate change . The documentary was filmed across five continents and shows how water is managed in places all over the world. Hydraloop makes and sells graywater recycling systems . The company has recently released the Hydraloop H600 and the Hydraloop Cascade. Hydraloop’s goal is to create compact recycling systems that can be used at offices, hotels, apartment buildings, homes and anywhere else with running water. With this system in place, water is collected from washing machines, bathtubs and showers. Water from air conditioning systems can be added to the Hydraloop system as well. The water is cleaned and disinfected so it can be reused; the treated graywater is non-potable, so one should not […]


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