A number of trends are converging to make 2021 a year of big changes to our home energy use. With an increased focus on climate change , the widespread popularity of smart home technology, and falling prices for clean energy options, the pace of adoption of new energy technologies for homes is increasing rapidly. Here are the top six home energy trends that will have the biggest impact on most people in 2021. 1. Smart homes will get energy smarts 2021 will be the year smart homes have energy intelligence built into them to help combat climate change. Apple, Google, Amazon, and Zigbee are collaborating on interoperability standards that connect smart devices. The next step is energy awareness. Today, your home might have smart LED bulbs or smart thermostats that help you reduce your energy usage. In 2021, smart homes will get smarter about how much electricity the entire home is using. For example, you’ll be able to get feedback that helps you reduce energy waste and adjust home energy use to match the grid conditions. 2. Growth in clean energy There will be continued momentum toward solar adoption . With prices for solar dropping and solar mandates from […]


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