A new species of bat has been identified in West Africa. MYOTIS NIMBAENSIS / BAT CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL In 2018, a team of researchers went to West Africa’s Nimba Mountains in search of one critically endangered species of bat. Along the way, they ended up discovering another. The new bat species, Myotis nimbaensis , has an unusual orange and black coloring, and it was written up for the first time last Wednesday in American Museum Novitates . "In an age of extinction, a discovery like this offers a glimmer of hope," study coauthor and chief scientist at Bat Conservation International Winifred Frick told the American Museum of Natural History . "It’s a spectacular animal." 🚨 New research alert! A new species of a striking orange & black bat from the Nimba Mountains in West Africa has be… https://t.co/2dtGTa4lko — American Museum of Natural History (@American Museum of Natural History) 1610569431.0 Frick was part of a team of scientists from Bat Conservation International and the University of Maroua in Cameroon who were investigating natural caves and mining shafts in Guinea’s Nimba Mountains. The mountains, which rise about one mile above sea level, are known as sky islands and are important biodiversity […]


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