We should all be aware that some dental procedures and materials aren’t good for the environment. This is especially important for dental practitioners who have the most power to minimize the risk and save the environment . Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Dentistry Dentistry basically focuses on improving oral health through education and dental procedures. But some of the materials that are used in dentistry can be very harmful to the environment . These include biomedical waste and heavy metals. One dentist can create a small amount of unfriendly ways to the environment but put together with all the dentists, it can have a detrimental impact. This has been of great concern in recent years due to the heavy metal contamination of water systems particularly attributed to dentist because of the generation of dental amalgam waste. After consulting with dentist Dr. Moustafa we discovered that because of dental amalgams durability cost-effectiveness and long-lasting nature it’s the preferred choice for dentists. The downside is that it contains silver, mercury and other metals that contaminate the environment. Mercury has been proven to have toxic effects in plants humans and animals. Organic mercury can enter the food web where it accumulates in […]


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