As President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took the oath of office on Jan. 20, climate action advocates reiterated calls for them to not only deliver on campaign promises but to go even further to address the planetary crisis both ignored and exacerbated by former President Donald Trump. Friends of the Earth president Erich Pica, in a statement, celebrated Biden and Harris’ swearing in as “the return of decency, common sense, and empathy to the White House,” emphasizing that they “now have an unprecedented opportunity to push aggressively on climate at the scale that the crisis demands.” As meteorologist and journalist Eric Holthaus wrote in his newsletter: “This is the moment that climate advocates have been waiting decades for: A president who campaigned on climate change, is planning to make it a centerpiece of their governing strategy, at a moment when the stars are aligned in Congress and in the country for rapid progress. “Simply put: President Joe Biden’s first days in office will kick off the best chance we’ve ever had to make transformational changes throughout society at the scale necessary to avert catastrophic climate change.” Ahead of the Biden-Harris victory in November, scientists, activists, and […]


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