Silhouette of a departing passenger aircraft during a golden sunset. A team of researchers at the University of Oxford have revealed what they say is a cost-effective and efficient way of producing jet fuel from carbon dioxide, offering hope that one day vacationers might be able to jet off abroad without the cost—and associated guilt—of a hefty carbon footprint. The team at Oxford Chemistry, including chemists Benzhen Yao and Tiancun Xiao, and led by professor of chemistry Peter Edwards, successfully converted CO2 gas directly into jet fuel using an inexpensive iron-based catalyst. Previous successful attempts to turn CO2 into jet fuel have required complex processes and expensive chemicals. But as revealed in the journal Nature , the Oxford researchers believe the new method could produce a competitively priced fuel that could potentially eliminate the high emissions burden of air travel. “As you can imagine, we are really excited about these results and the impact they will have on sustainable aviation fuel,” researcher Benzhen Yao told “Under the pressure of climate change, our discovery will contribute significantly to worldwide sustainable fuel production processes.” The team began researching the possibility of turning CO2 into fuel over a decade ago , […]


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