Image: New Flyer/Twitter Canada’s largest electric transit bus maker and North America’s largest lithium-ion battery recycler demonstrate that the electrification wave can be a self-contained loop New Flyer Industries, Winnipeg’s flagship electric bus maker, together with New Flyer of America, in partnership with Ontario-based Li-Cycle, North America’s leading lithium-ion battery recycler, have announced the successful recycling of 45 end-of-life electric bus batteries — the recycler’s first battery salvage pilot in the heavy-duty vehicle sector. It’s a promising milestone for not only electric OEMs, but also the companies trying to make the case that there is viable and rich opportunity in the battery after-life. That the victory is covered in maple leaf fingerprints only makes the achievement sweeter for Canada’s clean tech industry. Sustainability benefit “The demand for battery recycling is growing, so too is the desire to lessen environmental impact on our communities,” said Chris Stoddart, president of New Flyer and MCI in a company press release. “Working with Li-Cycle delivers a triple sustainability benefit: we recover critical resources and divert them from landfills, provide them for re-use in the battery supply chain, and do so through Li-Cycle’s proprietary clean recycling process that minimizes impact to surrounding environments.” Both […]


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