"We’re just at the cusp of a real transformation of our startup ecosystem," says Pratap Raju of The Climate Collective. This is the second article in a series. Read part one here . It’s easy to see what’s motivating India’s emerging ecosystem of sustainable technology startups with a glance out the window from the office of Sangam Ventures in Gurugram, just outside of Delhi. Several floors below the firm’s balcony, power lines crisscross over piles of garbage, a fleet of rickshaws, and cow patties on a rooftop that are being dried for use as cooking fuel. Above it all lies a blanket of yellowish smog. “What we are trying to do as a fund is define what climate change entrepreneurship needs to look like,” Karthik Chandrasekar, the founder of early-stage cleantech venture capital firm Sangam, said in an interview at his office early last year. “I don’t think you can just deploy solar and solve everything,” he said. “I think solar is a big component of it and a valuable part of it because of the scale and pricing it has reached. […] But I think you need large-scale, sustainable consumption-choice changes for all of this to work.” Rapid […]


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