A new population of endangered blue whales has been hiding in the western Indian Ocean. According to NOAA , these gentle giants weigh up to 330,000 pounds and grow up to 110 feet long. The largest creature to have ever lived on Earth would seem hard to miss, but this group has been unknown to researchers – until now. All blue whales sing in loud, low-pitched, recognizable songs, New England Aquarium (NEAQ) reported. Distinct populations have distinct songs. According to the study , which was published in the journal Endangered Species Research , there are currently two or three known subspecies of blue whales in the Indian Ocean, believed to constitute four populations, each with a specific, diagnostic song-type. “It’s like hearing different songs within a genre – Stevie Ray Vaughan versus B. B. King,” Salvatore Cerchio, a marine mammal biologist at the African Aquatic Conservation Fund in Massachusetts and the study’s lead author, told The New York Times . “It’s all blues, but you know the different styles.” Scientists discovered the […]


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