As Tesla continues its quest for automotive dominance, their vehicles are becoming more and more common not only within luxury markets but also as police cruisers . The first Model Y has officially debuted as a police car in New York. Specifically, the car was commissioned by the Hastings on Hudson Police Department located in Westchester County, New York. This isn’t the first time that a Tesla has been a police car, the Model 3 has been utilized by several departments for some time now, but this is the first time that the Model Y has been put into service. However, this electric police-cruiser won’t be chasing down speeders in traffic, rather it will be sleuthing down back-alleys as part of the department’s detective division. Even though it will just be used by detectives, the car is still fit with lights, sirens, and police radios – the typical accoutrement of a police car of the like. In the video below posted by the police department, you can see the Model Y in all of its policing glory. As for what type of Model Y the police department decided to use, it’s a long-range silver metallic Model Y that sits […]


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