Source: Proterra Commercial fleet expansion is driving innovation in charging infrastructure, with speed, volume and reliability as the top goals. Proterra’s next-generation charging system helps transit and fleet operators, big and small, to meet these demands In the drive to achieve 100% clean transportation, fleet electrification and charging infrastructure presents a complex challenge for many operators. Proterra’s new line of charging infrastructure features five units: the biggest, which produces 1.5 megawatt (MW) of power, is designed for large-scale fleets and allows for shift charging of up to 40 vehicles and 20 vehicles simultaneously. The four other charging systems are designed to power fleets of up to 10 vehicles, with power output ranging from 75 kilowatt (kW) to 500 kW. “Cities, states, schools, airports and many more are going all in on zero-emission transportation. Large-scale charging infrastructure will play a vital role in achieving important transportation electrification goals,” said Proterra CEO Jack Allen in announcing the company’s new charging solution. “Proterra is excited to work with Power Electronics to help fuel this transition with our new, next-generation charging systems.” Reliability and versatility Proterra’s new systems boil down to two guiding tenets: versatility and reliability. “Large-scale charging infrastructure will play a […]


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