There is an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds of food waste produced by restaurants every year. And this is only food waste. The bags full of paper wrappers and plastic cups are similar in volume. Let’s look at how restaurants can become more sustainable. Find New Things to Recycle Your business may already recycle plastic silverware and paper. If you want your restaurant to become more sustainable, look for new things to recycle. Did you know that you can recycle used cooking oil ? Industry surveys show that the average restaurant produces nearly seven thousand pounds of used cooking oil each year, though this can hit thirty thousand pounds of used cooking oil if you’re selling a lot of fried foods. What can you do with used cooking oil, aside from frying things in it until you can’t anymore? You can arrange for the cooking oil to be hauled off by a group that can recycle it into biodiesel fuel. Other firms add it to animal feed to increase its nutritional value. On the other hand, you can arrange for groups to take your food scraps and food waste to feed to livestock or turn into compost. Reduce […]


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