As the globe warms and the climate changes, people from all over the world are seeking alternative energy solutions to prevent both of those problems from getting worse. The emissions from fossil fuels like gas and coal are a big contributor to the planet’s environmental problems, which is why energy that does not produce any harmful byproducts is so desirable to so many. The consequences of oil are terrifying. According to Stanford University, around 5% of the total global footprint can be traced to 9,000 oil fields around the world. Fortunately, new alternative energy sources are helping address this concern. Solar Energy Can Offset the Carbon Footprint of Oil Production There are many different suggestions, but solar energy is always one of the most popular ones. The reason is that solar technology is relatively easy to implement for most people compared to other alternative energy sources like wind or water power. Almost anyone can install a solar panel onto their home or business to help reduce their energy consumption from the power grid with the help of a decent solar power installation company. However, while solar energy is more practical, it does have some drawbacks, but those drawbacks are becoming smaller thanks to game changers in the solar industry. […]


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