Clean energy jobs offer higher pay and better benefits than the majority of jobs lost in this year’s economic downturn, research says. Throughout his campaign, President-elect Joe Biden made it clear that building back better with clean energy would mean millions and millions of new jobs for Americans. And he’s right: Clean energy jobs are, in fact, better jobs. The proof is in the numbers. A recent analysis of federal data shows workers in the clean energy sector — which includes renewable energy, energy efficiency, grid modernization, storage, clean fuels and vehicles — earn 25% more than the national median wage. Jobs in wind and solar power, for instance, pay a $24.85 hourly median wage, beating not only the national median of $19.14 but also the majority of fossil fuel jobs, which paid an average of $24.37 an hour last year. Moreover, unlike fossil fuels, clean energy occupations are found in every state, regardless of geology or geography. Clean energy jobs are also more likely than others in the private sector to come with health care and retirement benefits. Approximately 90 percent of clean energy’s welders, cutters, solderers and brazers — the workers helping construct, manufacture and maintain renewable […]


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