Heading up coffee purchasing at Equator Coffees , a company focused on quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, I often field the question, “What coffee should I buy to ensure the farmers are getting a fair deal?” This sort of question could easily expand into a dissertation about the complexities of commodities trading, currency speculation, and the likelihood of rain in Brazil, rather than the quick response being sought. It is a fact that the realities of farmers in different coffee-producing countries vary dramatically. For example, a smallholder in Ethiopia with a few dozen coffee trees surrounding their home is practically in a different business than the estate owner in Colombia with 100 hectares under cultivation. Although both farm coffee, the lives and lifestyles of these farmers are profoundly different. So, what is a well-meaning coffee consumer to do? Here are a few easy suggestions to get your coffee fix while also supporting a sustainable and equitable supply chain. Get To Know Local Roasting Companies First, try to familiarize yourself with local or regional coffee roasting companies. Find coffees that taste good to you, and then research the businesses that are roasting and retailing them. By reading through a few […]


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