This year has been a wild one, and when life gets busy, it can be hard to put your focus on what you are feeding your family. Eating plant-based meals is not only beneficial for long-term health — it’s also a much more sustainable way to eat for the health of our planet . Going plant-based, even for just one meal a week, reduces the creation of greenhouse gases, uses less land and water (compared to animal agriculture ), and creates less pollution in our waterways. Starting your kids off right and teaching them how to create a cleaner planet is one step in the right direction towards a brighter future. The recipes below are not only kid-friendly, but they are also absolutely delicious! The whole family will love them, and they also won’t be able to tell that they are plant-based! I like to use real, whole foods in my recipes and these are loaded with nutrients. Give these plant-based recipes a try and learn how good sustainable meals can taste! Chickpea Tuna Salad (serves 2-3) Photo by Sarah Considine, tableware courtesy of World Centric This one is my favorite go-to meal when I am headed to the […]


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