Today, an unusually broad coalition of environmental groups, numbering more than 550, called on the incoming Biden-Harris administration to address plastic pollution alongside fossil fuels, releasing an eight-point platform that largely focuses on ways the next administration could act without a Democratic majority in the Senate. “More than 99 percent of plastic is created from chemicals sourced from fossil fuels, including an oversupply of fracked gas, which is spurring a global boom in new plastic production,” the groups wrote in their Presidential Plastics Action Plan . “That plastic is causing serious environmental problems at every step of its lifecycle.” The eight-point plan drew endorsements from organizations that have worked on problems created by plastic production at every stage, from the production of fossil fuels used by the plastics industry all the way to the plastics trash problems that follow consumer use of single-use products like straws and bags. That plan calls for the Biden administration to take specific actions in 2021, including using the spending power of the federal government to curb taxpayer-funded consumption of single-use plastic products, rejecting permits for new or expanded plastics manufacturing sites, and requiring existing plastics plants to use the best available technology to […]


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