If you’re getting your meals delivered, you may already have a collection of cold packs. These gel-filled plastic bags do a great job of keeping perishable food chilled. But what do you do with the cold packs after you’ve unpacked your delivery? Many of us are turning to meal delivery services instead of eating out. Although these services range from delivering fully cooked meals to providing the ingredients and recipes so you can cook the meal yourself, they have one element in common: The food needs to be cooled to keep it fresh. Gel packs , which stay frozen longer than ice, are the popular solution for food delivery services. Consisting of sealed, thick plastic bags filled with re-freezable gel, the packs are handy and reusable. But what if you already have more than you can use? Can you recycle them? Know Your Local Recycling Regulations Most food delivery companies provide instructions on how to dispose of their packaging. A few even offer a take-back program — which is ideal. Closing the waste loop and making the business responsible for its waste is a sustainability best practice. If you can return the packaging to the company, take full advantage […]


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