A growing number of homeowners are investing heavily in solar power these days. The residential market for solar energy is growing at a stunning rate of 16% a year . Solar power involves converting energy from sunlight into electricity using solar panels. You can switch your home to solar power to access amazing advantages and savings. There are a lot of great benefits of solar energy, which is why it is growing especially quickly in countries like Sweden . Here are 6 financial benefits of solar-powered homes: 1. Saves Money As we previously wrote, you can easily save money by creating a solar-powered home . This is actually one of the most appealing things about solar energy for many people. Solar power offers massive monthly savings by effectively reducing your electric bill using a process called net metering. Net metering is a billing system used to credit owners of solar energy systems for the electricity they contribute to the grid. Essentially, a solar power system continually creates electricity during daylight, usually causing a surplus of energy, leading to your unused, extra electricity being delivered to the power grid. The electricity you add to the grid is paid for by […]


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