A new vertical indoor farm being developed on the outskirts of Copenhagen will soon produce 1,000 metric tons of greens a year locally. Developed in a collaboration between Danish startup Nordic Harvest and Taiwanese tech company YesHealth Group, the farm will allow crops to grow indoors during the winter that would otherwise have to be imported. As Fast Company reports, Nordic Farm says that similar farms covering an area the size of 20 soccer fields could fully supply the country’s entire demand for vegetables. Vertical indoor farm expertise The technology for the farm itself was developed by YesHealth Group, a company that has devoted the last decade towards developing vertical farm tech. The company developed the largest vertical farm in Taiwan — which is making a profit out of its goods — as well as the largest vertical farm in China, which supplies free food to employees of a company. YesHealth Group’s partnership with Nordic Harvest allows the company a foothold in the sustainable food tech market in Denmark. Largely automated labor, high yield The companies’ new facility will use hydroponics, a technology used in most indoor farms. This allows food to grow with little water and doesn’t require […]


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