Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Climate Action Summit (CAS), on December 12, 2020. Twitter/@narendramodi 21% reduction in emissions, Modi tells Climate Action Summit India was not only on track to fulfilling its climate commitments but would go further, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the Climate Action Summit (CAS) on Saturday. However, he refrained from announcing enhanced ambitions or targets. The online event was organised to mark five years since the signing of the Paris Agreement, in which 190 countries committed to taking action to limit global temperature from rising beyond 2C. In his five-minute address, Mr. Modi said India had reduced its emissions intensity by 21% since 2005. Installed solar capacity has grown to 36 gigawatt in 2020. The country’s renewable energy capacity was the fourth largest in the world and would reach 175GW before 2022. “We have an even more ambitious target, 450GW of energy capacity by 2030. We have also succeeded in increasing forest cover,” he added. India had pioneered the International Solar Alliance, the Prime Minister said as well as the Coalition for Disaster Relief. “In 2047 India will celebrate 100 years as independent modern nation. Centennial India will not only meet its own targets […]


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