The stronger home battery from LG can back up homes so that power outages don’t intrude on one’s meditative atmosphere. (Image courtesy of LG Energy Solution) That’s timely, in that Americans are largely stuck at home due to the national failure to contain the coronavirus. In California, the largest home battery market, residents have endured (and are still enduring) a record wildfire season, which brought utility power shutoffs to thousands of homes in arid regions. And the U.S. residential storage market has installed record amounts for six straight quarters , according to Wood Mackenzie research. "We all want to be self-reliant, we all want to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors," said Linh Tran, director of sales for LG’s North American residential storage business, at a virtual launch event Thursday. "If there’s a power outage, we have more at risk now than ever before. We need to be prepared." The announcement followed on the heels of a product recall of certain earlier models of the RESU due to overheating concerns, reported by Greentech Media earlier this month. Customers with affected battery packs will get a free replacement manufactured in 2020, the company said. The product recall was not discussed […]


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