EV charging will account for gigawatts’ worth of load on U.S. power grids, which could be both a threat and an opportunity for utilities. (Credit: Enel X) Electric vehicles are going to be a major load on the grid, which makes them either a threat or an opportunity to utilities, depending on how their charging is managed. On Thursday, distributed energy giant Enel X and utility distributed energy management provider EnergyHub announced a partnership aimed at making sure EV chargers remain an asset for the grid. Enel X has about 60,000 EV chargers deployed across the country, many of them being actively managed to balance their charging patterns against wholesale energy prices driven by surges and sags in grid demand through technology from its 2017 acquisition of eMotorWerks . Its JuiceBox chargers are part of an Enel X portfolio that helped reduce megawatts of load during California’s grid emergencies this August and September. EnergyHub, in turn, provides its Mercury distributed energy resource management systems to utilities across the country to tap the flexibility of smart thermostats, water heaters, solar-battery systems and other behind-the-meter energy assets. Those assets include EV chargers , with utilities including Massachusetts’ Eversource and Baltimore Gas […]


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