The planet is under a huge threat. With the fires in Australia, the recent floods in Indonesia and the weather going out of control everywhere. This means it’s time to start changing things. Back in 2014, we cited a UN study showing that 13 of the 14 warmest years took place in the 21st Century . It is only the beginning, too. Global warming effects are getting worse and people need to start acting immediately. You can start with the smallest changes possible and you will make a huge difference. For instance, you can try green commuting tips to make things easier. This is a particularly important change, because experts have found that transportation accounts for roughly 20% of all carbon emissions and 24% of carbon emissions from energy . Here’s what you need to know. Choose Flexible Working Hours You probably assume that your carbon footprint from driving is entirely determined by the number of miles that you drive. However, that is only one factor. The amount of time that you spend in traffic also contributes to climate change. Keep in mind that your car will keep producing exhaust while you are sitting idly in traffic, even if […]


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