Goldman Environmental Prize recipient Chibeze Ezekiel helped block a coal-fired power plant To fight the establishment, sometimes a stealth attack is in order. Chibeze Ezekiel, an environmentalist in Accra, the capital of Ghana, deployed what he calls a “submarine approach” to thwart plans for a massive coal-fired plant. On Monday, he was awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for his efforts. “We did not come out publicly to make any noise,” says Ezekiel, 41. “We understood that we are dealing with government, which has the resources and the machinery…. Thirty or 40 people cannot push government that much. But if you build the people’s power in the community and also build some alliances with the bigger NGOs, then you have a stronger force.” In 2013, the Ghanaian government announced plans for a coal-fired power plant and port in Aboano, a coastal town in the Ekumfi district, powered by coal shipped from South Africa. The high-profile project was touted by the government as a solution to the country’s acute energy crisis. Nearly half of Ghana’s electricity is produced by hydropower, which has been impacted by climate-change-related droughts, and its supply of natural gas has been very unreliable. By 2015, power […]


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