Ruby-throated hummingbirds are common window-strike victims. The morning after a storm , you wake up to crisp air, brilliant sunshine, and a dead bird laying outside your window. On closer inspection, the bird is still breathing and moving slightly. But it needs help right away. What do you do? Unless you have experience with wildlife rehab, you likely won’t be able to diagnose an injured bird. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it to safety. For a smaller bird, all you need to do is grasp it gently around the body, put it in a soft paper bag, and place it where it won’t get stepped on or attacked by a pet, as senior conservation biologist Kaitlyn Parkins explains in the video below. (Don’t use a box because if the bird tries to flap its wings against the rigid sides, it might hurt itself.) Then give it some time to recoup in the dark, where it’s not too stressed out about what’s happening around it. Every species has a different diet, so don’t try to feed it seeds or worse, bread . Last Friday our Project Safe Flight volunteers found hundreds of dead and injured birds that had […]


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