Besides eating up to 40 per cent of their body weight every day, Asian carp may leap into the air posing a danger to boaters. (John Flesher/AP Photo/June 13, 2012) An innovative Canadian company is launching a dog food made from Asian carp, an invasive fish species threatening some North American waterways. These voracious creatures are known to leap out of the water and pose a serious threat to people on boats, but also to local species. These fish have many small bones in them so are not fit for human consumption, but they can be ground up and made into pet food which is both nutritious and good for dogs, particularly those who have become allergic or intolerant to traditional dog foods. The sustainable dog food made with Asian carp is hypoallergenic and said to be easily digested. (Wilder Harrier) Tons of Asian carp to be used over the next year The Wilder Harrier company i n Montreal expects to import 50 to 100 tons of Asian carp over the next year from fishers in the Illinois River Basin in the United States. “We’re still not eradicating Asian carp but the fact that we can contribute is great […]


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