Rescue team members join Asiwa on the barge trip to the conservancy. Ami Vitale / Save Giraffes Now In an adventurous boat rescue, wildlife and conservationist groups worked together to rescue a giraffe from its flooded rangeland in Kenya. Asiwa, a female Rothschild’s giraffe, had been stranded by herself on Longicharo Island, a rocky lava pinnacle. Other stranded giraffes will also be rescued soon. A team from the Texas-based nonprofit Save Giraffes Now worked with local area groups and community members to capture and move the 16-foot-tall giraffe to her new home in the Ruko Community Wildlife Conservancy, a protected wildlife reserve. “The rescue, particularly of Asiwa, who was trapped on an about one-acre island due to the flooding was challenging, as we did not want her to run into the water,” David O’Connor, president of Save Giraffes Now, tells Treehugger. “We worked with Kenya Wildlife Service and Northern Rangelands Trust and sedated her and then put some guide ropes on her shoulders and a hood and then we got her on her feet, and slowly walked her to the specially made barge.” David O’Connor monitors Asiwa on the barge. Ami Vitale / Save Giraffes Now Built by Ruko […]


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