A heat pump could keep your home as toasty as a gas boiler – but with much lower greenhouse gas emissions. Photograph: Daisy-Daisy/Alamy When Graham Davidson and his wife, Pauline, retired to a bungalow in Norfolk three years ago they ripped out the old boiler and replaced it with an air source heat pump at a cost of £10,000. But this pricey replacement has turned into a moneyspinner for the Davidsons – and millions of British households are likely to follow suit in what is expected to be a revolution in home heating. Davidson, 68, who used to work in the car electronics business, says it was financial gain rather than saving the planet that was at the forefront of his decision. But dumping the gas boiler has probably cut his household carbon emissions by more than half. The couple took advantage of the government’s renewable heat incentive scheme, which will be worth a total of £7,000 to the Davidsons in quarterly payments over seven years. On top of that, they say their total home energy bills have fallen by up to £1,000 a year. Given that a new gas boiler would have cost about £3,000, the Davidsons reckon […]


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